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Blokzeep Body Bars | gender neutral & for all skin types

Blokzeep Body Bars | gender neutral & for all skin types

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Blokzeep body bars are the ideal sustainable replacement for your plastic shower gel bottles. They stand for 100% plastic-free, handmade in the EU, vegan, and natural cosmetics! The bars are concentrated which makes them last longer than bottles of shower gel.

Your skin suffers a lot on a daily basis, this can dry out your skin. The natural ingredients in the bars make them softer for your skin.

Types of bars:

  • Mango
  • Pine cone
  • Cocos
  • Ocean

Why Arkive 💚's blokzeep...

Blokzeep is a clean beauty brand and its production process doesn't create waste. They source natural ingredients within the EU. That's why the brand isn't on discount, and if they have overproduction, they make sure to sell it for a fair price to avoid destruction.

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