Because cosmetic products have expiration dates, just like food. But sometimes, these dates are also used as marketing tactics to encourage consumers to buy more. At Arkive, we understand this, and we accept cosmetic products for reselling or repurposing, taking into account the timeline. For instance, if the products are still safe to use we transparently resell them with this information. However, if the products are no longer safe for use, we accept them for repurposing, ensuring they are diverted from waste and given a new purpose.

Unconsumed Inventory

Also known as "touched-the-shelf" or undistributed stock. Beauty products, primarily sold in retail chains, face wastage issues when retailers cancel orders or products remain unsold. This leads to millions of products beings wasted annually, highlighting a significant environmental concern.

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Discontinued Products and/or Packaging

Beauty brands frequently update products to maintain consumer interest, prompting new purchases. This cycle, akin to fashion, often involves formulation changes and product discontinuations.



Because at Arkive, some of the goodies might have packaging hiccups from their journey – like banged-up boxes or tiny quirks in the plastic wrapping. But no worries, the actual products inside are still in great shape and good to use!! 

Is it safe?

Due Date Reaching or Reached

Cosmetic products, like food, have expiration dates. This is due to safety or to increase repeat purchases. At Arkive, we accept expired products one year prior expiration for resale or repurposing, transparently reselling safe ones and diverting unsafe ones from waste for new uses.


Limited Edition or Limited Collections

Limited editions are designed to be sold for a short period. As the name suggests, to create a sense of exclusivity. This could be in the form of collaborations with influencers or trials of new products. Once they lose their novelty, they are often phased out from the market to make room for new, more exciting offerings.

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