Today, consumers increasingly prefer beauty brands advocating positive impact, with 84% favoring sustainability. This trend underscores the importance of eco-friendly practices in brand loyalty. However, challenges like inflation, rising costs, and regulatory pressure to reduce overstock threaten unit economics. To navigate these challenges, beauty businesses must prioritize efficiency and customer satisfaction over price hikes.


New regulations are coming that penalize brands for excess inventory and carbon footprint. Arkive offers a solution that goes beyond just profit: we help brands manage overstock, create circular economies within their channels, combat the grey market, and gain valuable data to boost both profitability and sustainability. Partner with Arkive to navigate regulations, reduce waste, and build a more sustainable future.

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(R)etailers + Marketplaces

Tight margins push retailers and marketplaces to prioritize quick sales, often leading to overstocked products. Brands caught in this cycle have two undesirable options for unsold inventory:

  • Returns: Getting products back (sometimes with refunds) wastes resources and money due to unnecessary transportation before eventual destruction.
  • Forward Selling: Allowing retailers to sell excess stock disrupts brand control, potentially leading to price wars or channel conflicts.

Contracts (buy vs. consign) further complicate matters by determining who ultimately holds the responsibility for unsold goods.

Centralizing management on end-of-life is key for better supply chain control.

Amazon destroys unsold inventory

Manufacturers + Producers

Manufacturers face a balancing act: meeting brand demands while keeping costs low. This often leads to global sourcing, even when "locally produced" claims are made.

Arkive offers a solution. Our platform provides manufacturers with a unique opportunity:

  • Access sorted materials and ingredients: We source and categorize materials from unsold goods, offering a readily available and potentially local alternative to traditional sourcing.
  • Facilitate circularity: Integrate recycled materials into your production processes, reducing reliance on virgin resources and promoting sustainability.
  • Cost-effective solution: Acquire valuable materials at potentially lower costs, boosting your bottom line.
  • Contribute to a closed-loop system: By purchasing from Arkive, you help keep materials in circulation and minimize waste.

Join Arkive's ecosystem and unlock new possibilities for your manufacturing processes.

Producer claims "local," sources global.

Owned Channels

D2C: The Dream, Omnichannel: The Reality

Selling directly to customers (D2C) offers control, higher profits, and a la The Ordinary, the potential for on-demand production. But the reality is, customers shop everywhere.

Omnichannel bridges the gap. Partner with retailers to:

  • Expand reach: Leverage existing customer bases.
  • Optimize profits: Balance D2C control with wider reach.
  • Gather data: Gain a holistic view of your audience.

Data unlocks the magic. Collaborate with partners to:

  • Master inventory: Ensure products are where they're needed.
  • Target marketing: Reach the right audience across channels.
  • Set dynamic prices: Optimize pricing based on real-time data.

Don't limit yourself to one channel. Meet customers where they shop with a data-driven omnichannel strategy. Although, digitize your supply chain.

D2C Brand


Consumers create waste through empty products and refunds. Arkive tackles this by closing the loop via retail.

  • Simplified Sorting: Empty products make sorting for reuse or recycling easier.
  • Customer Engagement: We help you to plan a deposit system that incentivizes returning products to stores which also creates store traffic.
  • Second Life for Products: Returned items can be refilled, repurposed, or given a new life, reducing waste.
  • Volume: Once met the right volume, we go and talk with the government together with you to discuss reduction on waste tax fees.
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Distributors + Traders

The reliance on distributors and traders creates a double threat for brands:

  • Reduced Profits: Bulk buying allows them to negotiate lower prices, often leaving brands with minimal profit margins.
  • Loss of Control: Distributors can:

The result? Brands lose control over both their profits and their brand image.

Grey market buyer and seller

Other important factors to consider

At Arkive, transparency is key. We believe in building honest partnerships. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Our LCA Workshop analyzes your business using logic, data, and your specific needs. We don't rely on guesswork.
  • Honesty & Integrity: If the data shows Arkive can't solve your overstock challenges, we'll tell you directly – after the workshop, not before.
  • Going Beyond Data: For areas data can't fully capture, we conduct an ESG Compliance review to avoid greenwashing.
  • Understanding Your Business Ecosystem: We consider factors like local vs. international reach, reseller type, company size, brand maturity, and online/offline presence to create a tailored solution.

This comprehensive approach ensures we partner with brands truly aligned with circularity and sustainability goals.

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