"After conducting interviews with beauty experts within premium businesses across producers, brands, retailers, and distributors, we've discovered that unsold inventory stems largely from challenges within today's supply chains. Furthermore, looming macroeconomic shifts pose additional risks to our unit economics."

Beauty industry's circular solution.

Facing unsold beauty products? We've got you covered. Whether it's warehouse overflow, excess stock in stores, stock at partnerships, customer returns, and/or customer empties. At Arkive we can help. No matter your needs, we offer solutions that fit your business needs.

Stock security: monitor, decide, partner.

Our end-to-end digitization process enables you to monitor your product's journey through sorting facilities. You have full control to decide where products end up within our ecosystem, which includes partnerships with factories, donation partners, and resell channels. Ideally, it's returned to your own factories to maintain revenue within your supply chains.

Transparency is ensured through your dashboard, providing you and your teams with full control.

Throughout this journey, you'll gain insights that enhance product allocation and production, fostering sustainability goals internally. This data allows you to confidently communicate with your community and engage customers with accurate information about your sustainability efforts.

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