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About Arkive

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What is Arkive?

Arkive empowers beauty brands to manage surplus inventory sustainably and profitably through data-driven solutions. We connect surplus products, ingredients, and materials with eco-conscious consumers and businesses seeking deals. We also offer consultancy services to help brands move towards a circular economy.

What is Arkive’s Product + Services?


Arkive doesn't offer a single, traditional product. Instead, it's building a data-driven platform that acts as a comprehensive solution for beauty brands managing surplus inventory. We connect them with eco-conscious consumers and businesses, creating a win-win situation for both sides. Here's a breakdown of Arkive's functionalities that we sell today as modules:

1. Sustainability consulting

We prioritize holistic sustainability beyond one-off actions. We start with a data-driven supply chain analysis and assess communication to avoid greenwashing in recommendations. This comprehensive approach ensures measurable impact before solutions.

We guide businesses in developing clear, measurable sustainability strategies – like creating a marketing plan – and support execution until they achieve a fully circular model.

2. End-of-life solutions

Arkive sorts overstock and makes it sales-ready:

  • Un-recyclable products are sorted in Mystery/Rescue Boxes or Donates;
  • Sortable products into commodities are sold to factories by Arkive.

We also build white-labeled boxes for retailers to sell online or offline. However, selling commodities is only possible with sufficient volume.

Our system automatically assigns potential sales opportunities within our circular ecosystem of channels, based on your business needs, products, materials, and ingredients.

3. Data Solutions

Our end-of-life solutions regain supply chain control, minimize grey markets, and optimize forecasting. This holistic approach maximizes revenue, boosts efficiency, and reduces your footprint.

Tailored insights populate your seller portal, with ongoing guidance to keep you on track.


  • Donations for PR or Charities;
  • Product sales to consumers or businesses in the form of Mystery/Rescue Boxes;
  • Material- and ingredient sales to businesses;
  • Sales- and Sustainability Insights & Dashboards.

While Arkive isn't a physical product, it's a platform and service suite that empowers beauty brands with a sustainable and profitable approach to surplus inventory management.

What are the benefits of partnering with Arkive?

  • Acquiring the customer of the future and their needs;
  • Optimize profit margins by reducing costs associated with traditional end-of-life practices.
  • Strengthen your brand reputation by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.
  • Navigate evolving regulations with confidence.
  • Generate new revenue streams by repurposing or reselling surplus products.

Can we use your solutions white-labeled?

Our system at this stage can be tailored to your business and built in-house. All of our solutions can be offered white-labeled.

Selling Surplus Inventory

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What types of surplus products can I sell through Arkive?

You can sell a variety of surplus products through Arkive, including unsold inventory, near-expiry products, and slightly damaged goods. Read Arkived Because to learn about the use cases.

How does the pricing work for selling on Arkive?

You have the flexibility to set your prices for surplus products sold through the Arkive marketplace, but we will discuss this more in detail depending on the stock opportunity that you have, volumes, and the preferred B2C or B2B services.

Who are the customers buying surplus products on Arkive?

Arkive connects you with eco-conscious businesses and consumers seeking deals on beauty products.

Repurposing & Reselling Materials

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What options do I have for repurposing surplus materials?

Arkive can connect you with partners who can repurpose your surplus materials into new products or packaging.

Can I resell surplus ingredients?

Yes, Arkive can help you find responsible buyers for your surplus ingredients.


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How can Arkive help me achieve my sustainability goals?

Arkive helps you achieve your sustainability goals by:

  • Minimizing waste through product resale and repurposing.
  • Providing data-driven insights to optimize production and reduce surplus.
  • Supporting the development of robust sustainability strategies.

Does Arkive comply with sustainability regulations?

Arkive is committed to complying with all relevant sustainability regulations.

Getting Started with Arkive

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How do I sign up for Arkive?

You can sign up for Arkive through our website.

What are the fees associated with using Arkive?

We offer a variety of pricing plans to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information.

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