The battle of the face masks.

The battle of the face masks.

The battle of the face masks. And I am not referring to the protection face masks but the popular sheet mask! According to; “The global sheet face mask market size was valued at USD 257.9 million in 2018. Increasing awareness related to the benefits of sheet masks such as anti-aging and skin hydration is the major factor contributing to the growth of this industry. Furthermore, an increase in demand for Korean beauty products owing to the natural ingredient base such as aloe extracts and green tea used in the formulation is anticipated to drive the market in the next few years”. Since 2018 and due to COVID the demand for these products has been skyrocketing!

Korean beauty brands are taking over. First, the music industry with K-pop, now the beauty industry — Korean brands are leaving their mark and letting us know that they’re here to stay. If you have been paying attention to the different social media channels, the sheet masks are everywhere! But why? Besides the obvious cosmetic and skincare benefits, COVID has also played a major role. Now most of us are forced to work from home and when we do get to go outside we wear protection masks. You see now? It’s the battle of the face masks. Korean beauty brands jumped in this rising demand with a wide range of fabulous sheet masks. I must admit, I am a huge fan as well ( thank you Arkive for making me addicted).

We love sheet masks and Korean brands too. At Arkive we love all our #zerowasteheroes equally – but – we have to admit we are for the Korean beauty trend! We have a wide range of sheet masks available, and now, during our #releasetherevolution campaign, you can shop with 40% discount! But, be warned… might get hooked on them just like I did. Ps. Don’t forget to use promo code: release40 during check-out.

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Arkive - by Miriam el Ghalbzouri

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