How to use Makeup Primer like a Pro: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

How to use Makeup Primer like a Pro: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Professional makeup requires a good deal of time and effort to create that flawless look to last for hours. Professional makeup artists never skip the routine of skincare that helps prepare the face for makeup. Primer is one of the beauty products used to create a solid base for foundation. It can truly make difference if applied on time and in the right way. Let’s get deeper into the topic and find out how to use makeup primer like a pro.

What Is Makeup Primer?

Primer does exactly what the name implies. The preparatory product is applied to clean skin to create a smooth and flat surface for the next steps of makeup. The primer fills the pores and makes them less visible, at the same time, it protects skin from UV rays and foundation clogging the pores. Depending on the type of primer, it can moisturize, nourish, and mattify skin. If you have skipped skin priming so far, the very first experience with primer will definitely make difference for you.

How to choose the right Primer for your skin type

The beauty industry is all about cosmetic products for any type of skin and purpose. A primer should perfectly fit your skin to create that flawless look.

Oily skin The main purpose of the primer should be to absorb excess oil and tackle the unwanted shine. Mattifying primer works best for oily skin.

Dry skin The problem of dry skin is dehydration, and any skincare or cosmetic product should be aimed to nourish the skin. For dry skin, the hydrating primer is a good choice.

Mature skin To fill the fine lines and wrinkles and minimize the pores go for the primer type that is designed for mature skin. It includes silicone that best flattens skin.

Types of Makeup Primers

Mattifying face primer: This type of primer absorbs oil and prolongs the flawless look of the foundation.

Hydrating face primer: Ideal for dry skin, primer provides necessary moisture for dry skin and prepares it for a natural makeup look without mask effect.

Color-correcting primer: This type of product corrects the light blemishes and makes them less visible under foundation. The primers come in green, yellow, orange, and purple.

Blurring Primer: For mature skin, blurring primer works great on smoothing fine lines.

How to Apply Makeup Primer?

Step 1. Prepare your skin. Wash it with cleanser, exfoliate if needed, apply serum and finish skincare with a lightweight moisturizer.

Step 2. Apply primer. Once the moisturizer is absorbed, take a small amount of primer and apply it on your face with fingers slightly tapping and blending it thoroughly.

Step 3. Once blended, wait for a few minutes and go on applying foundation.

Beauty tips to remember.

  • Makeup primer should be compatible with the foundation.
  • Apply primer around the eyes and lids to prepare eyes for eye makeup.
  • Use a tinted primer to hide dull skin.

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