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VAIN Beauty

VAIN Beauty The Artistry Brush Set

VAIN Beauty The Artistry Brush Set

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Express yourself and create any look with this vegan brush set. Designed with optimized handle design for comfortable grip. 

The Artistry Brush Set is a vegan make-up brush set that includes 16 versatile brushes to help you achieve any look. The ergonomic grip ensures comfort and control during application. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, this brush set is perfect for all your make-up needs. Elevate your make-up game today with the Artistry Brush Set.


Take a brush and swirl it around in a little bit of soap in the palm of your hand or on a brush cleansing mat. We advise using dish soap or baby shampoo.

After swirling it around for about 6-7 times, rinse the soap out of the brush hairs with water. Make sure the water or the soap does not get close to the metal part of the brush, as this makes sure the brushes can be use d longer.

When the soap and make-up is fully out of the brush, squeeze the remaining amount of water out of the brush hairs. Remember that some make-up pigments can stain the brush hairs. To dry the brushes, lay them on a towel until fully dry.


Hold the indented part of the brush handle like a pen for optimised control and pressure. This handle also makes it more comfortable to hold the brush, without having to use tight gripping motions.


"If people think taking care of yourself through make-up is vain, then so be it. Let’s take that energy and turn it around. We reclaim that sh*t. We are bold, we are driven by community, and we stand strong in our beauty, diversity and, power. If you think that is vain in the negative sense of the word, that is all right. We know our power and we see the power of the people around us. We celebrate that energy. We’re VAIN Beauty."

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