Solid Cosmetics Trend: Environmentally Friendly Cosmetics to choose

Solid Cosmetics Trend: Environmentally Friendly Cosmetics to choose

The world is changing, so do we. The consciousness that the resources are not endless is slowly but steadily taking everyone to a better world full of environmentally friendly cosmetics, production, and consumerism. We are now witnessing a mind shift from exploitation to the preservation, from resource consumption to resource creation. Arkive, as an ambassador in sustainable beauty and zero-waste production, welcomes everyone to be a part of the “movement” and start with shifting to solid cosmetics. We have investigated the solid cosmetics trend and found critical points to choose the right products for your skincare and environment.

Solid cosmetics stand by clean beauty, zero waste, cruelty-free and vegan products acting and promoting the idea of saving nature and saving the environment producing clean beauty. The revolutionary new trend went viral shortly and affected many brands to rethink the production process. So what is the idea of the trend, and how does the environment benefits?

The big trend of Solid Cosmetics

The production of solid cosmetics is a sustainable alternative, significantly reducing water consumption, the most valuable resource. The packaging itself becomes much smaller, thus saving on the packaging material, transportation, and disposal. The single technique turned out to trigger a whole chain production up to consumption.

Why choose solid cosmetics

Let’s discuss the practical side of the trend as a consumer.

- Stick cosmetics are compact and easy to carry.
- No leakage. It is more comfortable to use.
- Direct application. No need to touch the product.
- Using only the right amount of product.
- Comes in recyclable and multi-use packaging.

What are solid cosmetics?

Before, we knew only solid deodorant and never thought of its sustainable qualities. Fortunately, this is the digital era when we can learn and expand our horizons. Now, can you imagine using a solid moisturizer or a solid conditioner? Sounds crazy, but the choice of solid cosmetics is enormous. You can make up a whole beauty kit with solid shampoo, soap bar, shower gel, conditioner, and even serum. Solid cosmetics will soon replace the liquids ones, and it feels so right.

Arkive already has a variety of solid cosmetics available at a discount and is now expanding the choice. Stay with us, shop with and be safe.

With love
Arkive – by Anush Bichakhchyan

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